Al-Hasakah: A fuel heater worth two million Syrian pounds

Al-Hasakah: A fuel heater worth two million Syrian pounds

Dec 05 2023

ARK News… With the advent of winter, the prices of heaters in Syrian Kurdistan increased in an unprecedented way, as their prices reached two million Syrian pounds during the last period.

Local sources from the city of Al-Hasakah in Syrian Kurdistan reported to ARK News that the price of lower-quality heaters reaches more than (800) thousand Syrian pounds, and the price of good-quality heaters reaches (2) million Syrian pounds, which increases the financial burden on the people.

Local sources revealed that the high price of heaters forced people to resort to repairing old fuel heaters instead of replacing them.

The sources confirmed that the displaced people in the camps in the countryside of the city of Hasakah in Syrian Kurdistan are in dire need of heaters and diesel fuel, and until this moment nothing has been provided to them to protect them from the cold of winter.

Citizens in the cities and towns of Syrian Kurdistan suffer from the poor quality of the fuel distributed to them by the PYD administration, and videos obtained by ARK News showed the people complaining about the poor quality of the diesel distributed to them.