With Names ... the Assad regime grants Iranians the citizenship in order to resettlement them

With Names ... the Assad regime grants Iranians the citizenship in order to resettlement them

Nov 20 2018

ARK News: Within a systematic demographic change process which aims at stabilizing Iranian influence in Syria, and to circumvent international resolutions on the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Syria, secret leaked documents revealed that the Assad regime granted Syrian citizenship to Iranians in order to settle them in areas where their indigenous population had been displaced.

The secret documents which leaked from the General Intelligence Service, and published by the newspaper "Ilav" contain a book addressed to the Minister of Interior in the Assad regime, Demands by inserting Iranians names in the civil registry and distributing their restrictions box within the governorates of (Damascus, Damascus countryside, Aleppo and Deir al-Zour).

According to the source, there are hundreds of thousands who are naturalized and resettled in different places, most of them are activists and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Those naturalized Iranians began receiving Syrian nationality as a prelude to bringing their families and stability in areas drawn to them.

The granting of citizenship to Iranians comes as part of the strategy of demographic change included the displacement of about 6 million Syrians from their homes from areas that were considered heaviness centers of the revolutionary movement, in particular the governorates of Homs, Damascus, Deir al-Zour and Aleppo, which are predominantly Sunni, and the replacement of Shiite fighters with their families from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or multinational mercenaries used by Iran to support Bashar al-Assad in their places.

Demographic change practices are not limited to displacement and resettlement but include the spread of Shiism through the enticement and intimidation and the construction of Shiite mosques (Husseiniat) in areas where the Assad regime and Iran have reoccupied.

The newspaper quoted from European source as saying that "this is an Iranian encirclement of the Russians who are controlling Syria, by resettling Iranian Shiites in Sunni areas."

"Hurriyet Press" revealed a few days ago about a new plan that Iran intends to implement in the city of Homs within the same strategy, including the construction of a "commercial district" in the old neighborhoods of Homs through the demolition of old houses and the construction of skyscrapers under the supervision and financing of Iran.