“Haval”( comrade) Dalil takes tunnels maps to Turkey

“Haval”( comrade) Dalil takes tunnels maps to Turkey

Nov 14 2018

ARK News: A strange event is not the first of its kind occurring among cadres of PYD, The cadre, known as Dalil Amad, left the city of Dirbasiya to Turkey, and with him the scheme of tunnels and a sum of $ 400,000.

Special sources from Kurdistan Syria revealed to the ARK Media Foundation, on Tuesday, 13/11/2018 That “the cadre, nicknamed Dalil Amad, had fled the ranks of the PYD from the city of Dirbasiya in Kurdistan, Syria, and went to Turkey with a lot of secrets and military plans for the PYD militants.

The source added that the PYD leader was in charge of the PYD tunnels, which belong to PYD militants and when he fled to Turkey, he had many plans for military tunnels, in addition to a sum of 400 thousand US dollars.

Brigadier General Husamaddin al-Awak, a dissident brigadier general of the Democratic Syrian Forces, said earlier on Friday, September 14, that 40 leaders in the PKK were coordinating with the Turkish government, They fled during the war of Afrin and had the millions of dollars they had collected from the royalties by force in Afrin region.

According to Awak, "the lesser leader of PYD and YPG had $ 300,000, while some had stolen $ 4 million and the other $ 3 million, and they fled after giving information about the tunnels of Mount Parsa and Afrin, including “Haval” ( comrade) Bagdash, Hitir, Siyamand, Agid, Tolhidan, Zagros, Chiya Afrini, Saddiqi Irani, Saif addin, Jamal, Shihab Shehab’s father and at last “haval”(comrade) Jagar.