Vaccination of 1.7 million people against cholera in northwestern Syria

Vaccination of 1.7 million people against cholera in northwestern Syria

Mar 26 2023

ARK News... Humanitarian relief workers in the field of health support vaccinated about 1.7 million people against cholera, during a 10-day vaccination campaign in northwestern Syria.

The deputy spokesman for the United Nations, Farhan Haq, said that more than 235,000 people received water and sanitation services after repairing the infrastructure in some areas.

In areas controlled by the Syrian regime, United Nations partners have assessed the situation of thousands of schools to ensure the safety of their buildings, and have started light rehabilitation work in some of the affected locations.

Humanitarian workers reported that the heavy rains affected displacement sites in northwestern and northeastern Syria, while the United Nations and its partners are assessing needs and carrying out the appropriate response, including replacing damaged shelter materials.

Since last September, Syria has been witnessing an outbreak of cholera in several governorates, for the first time since 2009. Cholera usually appears in residential areas that suffer from a scarcity of drinking water or a lack of sanitation networks.

Idlib governorate topped the most affected areas, with 31,422 cases, or 31.2% of the total cases, followed by Aleppo governorate, with 24,839 cases, or 24.7%, then Deir Ezzor, with 20,673 cases, or 20.6%, and Raqqa, with 18,955 cases, equivalent to 18.8% of the total injuries.