The tenth anniversary of the martyrdom of Jiwan Qatne

The tenth anniversary of the martyrdom of Jiwan Qatne

Mar 26 2023

ARK News: Saturday, 25.3.2023 marked the tenth anniversary of the martyrdom of youth activist Jiwan Qatne in Derbasiya city in Syrian Kurdistan, who was assassinated by unknown persons.

About the life of Jiwan Qatne:

He was born in the village of Tal Gadish in the area of Derbasiya in 1990, and he is the fourth son of his late father, Mohammed Agha al-Qatne from a long-standing family they have positions of the late grandfather Isa al-Qatne the fighter against the French occupation and he entered the prison and exile by the occupation for nine months and his father, Mohammed Mahsoum al-Qatne entered prison by the regime for months because he believed in his nationalism issue.

His study:

He entered primary school in 1997 at Tal Gadish Primary School, and he then moved to the preparatory school at Salahuddin School in Derbasiya, he received the preparatory certificate in 2004 and received the secondary school certificate in 2007, then he joined Tishreen University in Lattakia to study Arabic literature and in the second year, he moved to Aleppo University in early 2012 to complete his university studies.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, he has been involved in the youth movement in Derbasiya and as a brilliant revolutionary figure in the organization of Ahrar al-Derbasiya, he has become one of the most wanted persons in Syrian security Therefore, he could not leave the city and decided to follow the revolution and participate daily in peaceful demonstrations and was determined to continue his struggle with his comrades in Ahrar al-Derbasiya until the overthrow of the authoritarian regime.

The martyr Jiwan al-Qatne was a photographer for live broadcast in the city of Derbasiya and was the official of the media staff in Ahrar al-Derbasiya.

His abduction:

On the night of 25.3.2012, at 8:00 pm, as he was pursuing his struggle, he was kidnapped, among his comrades, by the force of arms by an armed group of four masked people riding a green Daewoo, and the car drove on Amouda road after the lights went out.

His assassination:

A statement by the Union Coordinating of Youth Kurds in Syria (Derbasiya Coordination), the statement confirmed the news of the death of Jiwan Khalaf Qatne, where the body was found dead after mutilating his body.

His words:

“We will continue our struggle against the dictator and his slaughterers, even if we remain for 40 years fighting and struggling for freedom. "