New Zealand trains more Ukrainian soldiers

New Zealand trains more Ukrainian soldiers

Nov 15 2022

ARK News… New Zealand on Monday said it would send an additional 66 defense forces personnel to Britain to help train Ukrainian soldiers as Russia's invasion dragged on for the ninth month.

New Zealand currently has a team of 120 members of the New Zealand Defense Force training Ukrainians in Britain, but that mission was due to end. A government statement said the new process of sending defense force personnel will run from November 30 to July 2023.

Defense Minister Penny Henari said: “I am delighted that the New Zealand Defense Force infantry can provide skills and experience for further training. This deployment also allows defense force personnel to gain important experience.”

The New Zealand government also said it would extend its existing intelligence contribution, redeploy four Defense Force personnel to assist in the logistics center in Europe and provide eight personnel to support those deployed in the region.