The ninth anniversary of the martyrdom of Mahmoud Wali

The ninth anniversary of the martyrdom of Mahmoud Wali

Sep 20 2021

ARK News… Monday, September 20, 2021, marks the ninth anniversary of the martyrdom of a member of the Area Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, Mahmoud Wali.

Mahmoud Wali (Abu Jandi) holds an industrial secondary school certificate, joined the Kurdish Left Party, which turned to the Azadi Party and then to the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria (PDK-S). Where he was gradated in the ranks of the Party until he reached the Area Committee.

He is also a member of the Secretariat of the National Council representing the Youth Coordination, he led the youth movement in the demonstrations in Sari Kaniye city beginning of the Syrian Revolution against the regime.

On the night of 9/8/2012, the PYD militants kidnapped him along with the young Mahmoud Biro (Abu Bahoz) to throw them at 3 o'clock that night on the road of Alok West, they were transferred to the National Hospital in Qamishlo following the brutal torture they had suffered from electricity and bruises showed on their bodies.

On 20/9/2012, at night at the headquarters of the National Council in Sari Kaniye, with a voice from outside calling him and upon his arrival at the outer door, he was targeted by lethal gunfire from an unknown killer, which led to his martyrdom.

The funeral of his body was made the following day by most of the people of Sari Kaniye with the participation of the youth movement and political leadership. Where the speeches of the National Council, the Kurdish Supreme Body, and his party were delivered at the Seri Kaniye Cemetery.