Afrin… Bandits impose royalties and taxes on the Kurdish landowners

Afrin… Bandits impose royalties and taxes on the Kurdish landowners

May 31 2021

ARK News… The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said in its report today that the armed factions in the Afrin region of Syrian Kurdistan imposed taxes on the Kurdish farmers in a number of villages of Jenderes town in exchange for allowing the harvest of grape leaves, sour grape, and harvesting crops, adding that the methods of theft, robbery, and looting are varied among the armed militia members “Syrian National Army” thieves through imposing ransom and the tax and the fine, except for armed robbery and blocking roads in front of pedestrians.

The organization added that the militia members of Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat, led by Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, who control the villages of Shih district, on Saturday, May 29, 2021, imposed a royalty - 8 oil tanks - on citizens of the village of Qarmitlq without mentioning the reasons, their names are:
1- Zahraddin Hibbo.
2- Mustafa Ali Haidar(Ali Beg).

The organization also added that the members of the Liwaa Samarqand militia, led by the so-called Abu Jihad, who control a number of villages (Dala - Ramadana - Ruta - Hajj Qasma - Hajj Hasana - Mist Ashura) during the past week, imposed a sum of 400 Syrian pounds for each grapevine in exchange for allowing the people to harvest the grape heaves crop. As for the forcibly displaced people who were detained in the Shahba area, the crop was completely seized on charges of belonging to the former PYD Administration “de facto authority”.

It is worth mentioning that violations by the armed factions loyal to the Turkish occupation against civilians in the Afrin region continue with taxes, kidnappings, ransom, burning forests for firewood, and accusing the Kurds of extorting them financially to reach a comprehensive demographic change after forcing the Kurds to leave their homes.