Unity of the Kurdish position... And reassurance messages for all

Unity of the Kurdish position... And reassurance messages for all

Jul 05 2020

Muhammad Ismail - Kurdistan newspaper

ARK News.. The unity of the Kurdish position is considered a general Kurdish desire, and the issue of public opinion has now become a matter for the Kurdish and official popular milieu, and at all levels of political and cultural elites, civil society organizations, and others.

All societal forces and activities, including political, cultural and social, and public opinion are looking to achieve the unity of the Kurdish position, because it will in fact be a factor of stability for the region, and will contribute to creating a sense of a kind of reassurance, in addition to being an important step towards a political solution to the Syrian crisis, as well as to enhancing the participation of the Kurds and the components of the region in the country's future.

These components, which were exhausted by the ten years of the crisis, include displacement, immigration, and destruction .. The economic crisis has increased over them now after the deterioration of the value of the Syrian currency, especially after the application of the Caesar Law and the sanctions that will be imposed on people, entities and even countries that support the Syrian regime to force it finally to accept a political solution and stop bleeding Syrian blood, and the search for a breakthrough has in any way become the goal of all Syrians.

Here, the falsehood of claiming the existence of the third line is also exposed, which was only a cover to hide the agendas and ties, but it turned out that there is only a dual the regime or the opposition.

The dialogue began between the Kurdish National Council and the Democratic Union Party, after which their delegation expanded by including the parties allied to it on behalf of the Kurdish National Unity Parties under the auspices of the ambassador of the United States of America and his assistants, and on the initiative of Mr. Mazloum Abdi, Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with the aim of reaching a comprehensive political, administrative and military agreement in common .

It was understood that the Duhok agreement was considered in the year 2014 between the Kurdish National Council in Syria and TEV-DEM a ground clearance to reach a comprehensive agreement by forming a (reference) body that supervises the administration, as well as the joint military and security side where the joint military force is to protect the region and all its components away on the political agendas of any party, it should be known that Syrians in general are supposed to be encouraged to make this endeavor a success.

Certainly, as we have indicated, they will be messages of satisfaction to all, and to all our partners in the country, especially the national opposition, which believes in democracy and the fundamental rights of all the different national and religious components in the country and upholding the territorial integrity of Syria.

The strategy of the Kurdish National Council in the first place lies in adhering to the principles and values of coexistence, this strategy has a message that inspires satisfaction among the various segments of Syrian society.