The political report of Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, for the month of July 2018 to date

The political report of Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, for the month of July 2018 to date

Aug 11 2018

ARK News: It is noted that there are new understandings among some countries concerned in the Syrian crisis, this was demonstrated after the Helsinki Summit between US Presidents Donald Trump and Russian Vladimir Putin on 16 July 2018, it seemed that the meeting was characterized by full reconciliation between the two sides, and despite the ambiguity of the summit and did not publish the points in detail, but the various media have been transmitted some of them and others were manifested through the implementation procedures, which emphasizing the peaceful political solution to the Syrian crisis through international resolutions, in particular resolution 2254, the relevant resolutions and the Geneva terms of reference, and thus focusing on the evacuation of Iranian forces and Lebanese Hezbollah militia, or to put an end to it, which would prevent compromising the security of the countries of the region, including the security of the State of Israel, according to what is contained.
Thus, it seems that the practical measures of the parties will come in successive stages, some of which coincide with the necessary arrangements for the resumption of international efforts and efforts, whether related to the four baskets of de Mistura (the fight against terrorism, the drafting of a new constitution for the country, the issue of transitional government and the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections) File prisoners, detainees, missing persons and other basic files, with the emphasize of the consensus between the two sides in all key issues, it is not without conflict and competition between the two sides in the implementation of the consensus, where Russia is pushing towards the implementation of its plans to serve its project in the solution, even at the expense of the international side, while America is pushing towards serving the direction of the international coalition and international legitimacy - according to the claim - and the United Nations, as well as regional interventions, especially Turkey, Iran and others, this is in addition to the regional interventions, especially Turkey, Iran and others, while the Syrian regime continues to practice methods of encouragement and threat, at times to those who return from the displaced to the inside of the country and sometimes the practice of internal displacement and other military campaigns and escalation of tension in some areas, , all in conjunction with moving his internal agenda towards what he called dialogue or internal reconciliation, whether on the Syrian level or on the Kurdish and other Syrian components, in the hope of achieving a consensus that suggests dispensing with international political solutions or to support the Russian approach and its project in the political solution to the Syrian crisis.
On the regional side, Iran, which suffers the most severe crises internally and externally, is the result of pressures imposed by the society, especially the American administration, where economic sanctions are renewed, political opposition and the Iranian resistance are supported, and to support political forces and internal components opposition from Kurdish and Azerbaijani, Khuzestan and others, this is in addition to the continuing unrest and unrest of marches and sit-ins as a result of extreme poverty and economic indicators indicate the decline in production and low per capita income and increasing monetary inflation, where the exchange rate of the riyal at one hundred and twenty thousand dollars against one dollar, and despite all these dire political, social and economic, Iran is still dealing with the challenge of international affairs and does not abandon its regional interventions, especially in the affairs of Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, it really exercises political folly at the expense of its people and at the expense of its development and progress.
Turkey is the other production rates indicate economic decline, and the Turkish lira exchange rate is five to one US dollar after the dollar was competing in local markets, because of its exposure to economic sanctions and its military intervention in the Syrian issue and its failure to respond to its American ally despite the efforts of the latter and its efforts to reach consensus with them not on the level of the Syrian crisis, but on the level of political situation in general and in the order of regional conditions again through the implementation of strategies to end the crisis And the geographical restructuring on the basis of democracy that enables peoples to exercise their right to self-determination by combating terrorism in all its forms and practices, spreading the culture of tolerance and building the foundations of coexistence among nations.
In Iraq and Kurdistan, the south of Iraq is witnessing severe public mobility, especially Basra province. Protests and protests have been going on for a long time. The demands have reached federalism along with voices calling for secession, and many of the political forces and actors stand by these demands and see them right because of the growing neglect of services and the necessities of a decent life, the rise of this protest movement, where the emergence of a corrupt class that has millions, even billions of dollars, and others in the insurance for their livelihood, not to mention lack of the simplest services of water and electricity and others, in this context has been recently converted a large number of these corrupt to the judiciary to receive their reward, The crisis situation in Iraq In addition to many controversial issues, the efforts of the parliamentary blocs stumble in order to form a national coalition government at the level of the stage and able to resolve the problems of the country and resolve the issues of disagreement on the ground of establishment to live together according to the Constitution of the country.

Kurdistan, is in an advanced stage where stability and calm and the return of water to its streams after the repercussions of the referendum process on the independence of Kurdistan or fabricating problems by its own, the crossings and airports returned to work and the business movement increased and the friends of the Kurdish people increased in solidarity with him and the Peshmerga Valiant strength and violence, To a bright future close to Kurdistan, especially since President Barzani says what it means: Wrong who thinks we have abandoned the demand for independence of Kurdistan, this statement is to confirm the validity of the approach and the validity of the national project of Kurdistan and to confirm that the referendum tomorrow Hajj It is worth mentioning that the region is preparing for its elections scheduled for the end of next September and the assurances of not postponing absolutely, and while there are voices interesting here and there, as it became clear in the Iraqi elections and will be most evident in the elections in the Kurdistan region, On the future of Kurdistan and its people.

In Kurdistan of Syria, the most important concern of the Kurdish people and its political movement is the situation of Afrin and the suffering of the people and citizens to date due to the arbitrary practices and procedures they are subjected to, as obstacles and obstacles continue to impede the return of numbers of people to their homes and property, Their homes and their property for looting and looting, as well as the number of arrests and torture, some of whom died, especially through the power of what they called the banner of Sultan Murad, which requires measures or raises the voices of protest in the international community and human rights organizations and founder Civil society to take care of the situation of the people and protect them from the oppression and force of the forces of darkness and its tyranny.

On the other hand, Democratic Unionist Party (PYD) continues to oppress and arbitrarily detain the leaders and cadres of the Kurdish National Council in Syria and its political parties, targeting the Council's policy in the service of the Kurdish people and it just causes. It sometimes calls for unity of ranks and position and calls for a national conference of the Movement In practice, the policies and policies of repressive regimes, as we have already mentioned, are increasingly confused, especially in recent times, which may be confused by two choices: either to respond to the international coalition or to strengthen relations with the regime. That he does not have the cornerstone of his decision so far.

As for the Kurdish National Council in Syria, it has not yet spared any expansion in its activities at various levels, both at the level of strengthening the relationship between the parties of the Council and its components or activities required politically and informally and in communication and openness to the various political Kurdish and Arab parties and the national opposition, or through the National Coalition and the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition, or through the strengthening of Kurdish relations and development, or the increasing efforts and endeavors of the Committee on Foreign Relations and its continued contact with States and the political friendly, and the Council will continue on the guidance of the approach of the Kurdish and in the service of national project which will be led by President Masoud Barzani. It will continue its activities until realizing the hopes of the Syrian people to build Syria as a federal state with a democratic parliamentary system. The Kurdish people, along with the other components, enjoy their full rights in accordance with international covenants and conventions.
On 9/8/2018
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