An Arab country announces registration of a new infection with the Corona virus

An Arab country announces registration of a new infection with the Corona virus

Feb 03 2020

ARK News: The Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the Emirates announced, on Saturday, the diagnosis of one new case of infection with the new Coronavirus, for a person coming from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

According to the official Emirates News Agency “WAM”, the ministry said that the injured person receives the necessary treatment and his condition is stable and under observation and medical care.

The ministry continued: “Thus, the number of discovered cases in the Emirates is only five cases since the emergence of the disease until today, which indicates the strength and efficiency of the surveillance and disease surveillance system in the country and the principle of transparency in announcing the recorded cases”.

The agency pointed out that "the previous four cases, which were registered for a Chinese family and had been announced previously, are still receiving the necessary health care and their general condition is stable, and there is no cause for concern about them."

The Emirates is a major center for air traffic, with Dubai International Airport being the third busiest airport in the world, and a hub for Emirates Airlines operations.

The number of weekly flights of airlines between the Emirates and China to about 150 trips in both directions, and occupancy rates on those flights during the normal days range between 80 and 90%, while it reaches 100% during the seasons, especially during the Chinese New Year that coincides with the current days.

The number of Chinese tourists in the UAE has reached more than 1.4 million, and the Chinese market is currently ranked fourth among the largest markets exporting tourism to the country.