Three attacks against Kurdish civilians in Afrin

Three attacks against Kurdish civilians in Afrin

Apr 15 2024

ARK News… Within a few days, Afrin in Syrian Kurdistan witnessed three attacks against Kurdish civilians.

A special source from Afrin city told ARK on Sunday, April 14, 2024: Armed members of "Ahrar al-Sham" at the checkpoint of Kosa village in Raju district, led by "Abu Alaa," carried out an attack on two Kurdish youth, Ryan Mustafa Ismail, 13 years old, who was subjected to brutal torture, and Hakim Ali Sido, 21 years old, under the pretext of speeding while driving.

A second source stated: A group of Arab displaced individuals in Maratte village attacked the minor Wisam Abdul Rahman Dawoud, 16 years old, at the al-Naba’a site with severe beating, and he was transferred to Sinna Hospital in Afrin.

The source added: When Wisam's relatives intervened to defend their son, elements of the Hamzat Brigade at the checkpoint intervened to protect the attackers.

Amid the deteriorating security situation and armed incidents, the Arab displaced person Mustafa al-Ali was killed in Araba village by another group of displaced individuals, sparking a state of popular anger and outrage.