The regime raises the prices of milk and cheese with the advent of the month of Ramadan

The regime raises the prices of milk and cheese with the advent of the month of Ramadan

Mar 25 2023

ARK News… The Assad regime raised the prices of cheese and cottage cheese, with the advent of the month of Ramadan, which doubled the suffering of civilians in all areas under its control.

The price-setting committee in the Damascus governorate raised the prices of cheese and yogurt in the capital’s markets, as the price of a kilo of full-fat cow milk became 3,500 Syrian pounds, the price of a kilo of full-fat curd with a package of 4,000 pounds, and a kilo of full-fat filtered cow’s milk to 15,000 Syrian pounds, and homemade cheese of full-fat cows at 19,000 pounds.

The loyal newspaper, Al-Watan, quoted Ahmed Al-Sawas, a member of the Craft Association for the Yoghurt and Cheese Industry in Damascus, as saying, “The prices that we previously requested to be amended and announced recently are completely different from the current market prices, as cheese and milk are currently sold at high prices, so that the price of a kilo of milk in the market is currently at 4,000 pounds, homemade cheese is at 20,000, and a kilo of full-fat curd is 4,500 pounds, and the price of filtered milk exceeds 15,000 pounds.”

He added, "The price of Mishallal cheese varies from one store to another, and its price in some stores reaches 38 thousand pounds, noting that it is priced according to the cost statement (invoice), supply and demand, and the quality of the raw material," stressing that "the real cost of the material is estimated at 32 thousand pounds, especially 10 kilos of milk produce a kilo of Mishallal cheese, to which is added the profit of the factory and the grocery store, bringing the reasonable price to 35 thousand pounds, and each store has a specific cost statement regarding the prices of Qashqawan cheese, which is not clear.

The member of the association called for a fair price for the craftsman and the consumer, noting that a number of industrialists control the prices, just as the large factories control the price of a kilo of milk so that it is sold from the factory floor at 3,200 pounds per kilo, a noticeable increase from the previous period, noting that 35 percent of the artisans stopped working. Currently, 300 craftsmen are actually working.

He confirmed that there is a noticeable demand for cheese and yogurt with the approach of the blessed month of Ramadan, which requires setting reasonable prices and strict control over them, noting that the demand increases gradually during the first quarter of Ramadan.

Al-Sawas considered that the shops are forced to raise prices due to the large costs they incur, and the incompatibility of the official tariff with the reality of their actual and real work, to find themselves facing two options: either raise prices or stop working. The same official had warned that the increased demand for the material would raise its prices in the market, and this is what happens during the month of Ramadan.