Digging a network of tunnels into the city of Derik by PYD

Digging a network of tunnels into the city of Derik by PYD

Sep 30 2018

ARK News: As they did in Afrin and other cities in Kurdistan, Syria, the Democratic Unionist Party (PYD) has dug dozens of tunnels inside the city of Derik and in the vicinity of the city, which may form huge concerns among citizens.
A special source from Derik city revealed to Ark media that there is a trench near the road leading from Ein Dewar to Derik and at the entrance and on the left, its length is unknown.

The source also revealed that the trench was dug in the city center Which extends from the Baath Party Division towards the Yacoub Hospital and under the houses of the Elijah family, In the center of the city and in the southern courtyard of the teachers' union, a tunnel was dug in the direction of the Mayor’s house, in this tunnel used drilling machines, and the reinforced concrete was also used in this tunnel, as for the west of the city and in the park which located in front of the teachers' union and south of Haji Manoah school, and the digging is continuing till now, and as a result of one of the explosions a car damaged of a citizen (Akram Zera), and there is also a tunnel at the beginning of the road which comes from the village of Girzarik towards the city near the National Hospital.

The tunneling system inside the towns is a danger to the infrastructure when any demolition or explosion in one of these tunnels it will destroy several buildings or roads.

It is noteworthy that it had been revealed by Brigadier General Husam al-Awak who dissident of the Syrian Democratic forces that the tunnels plans in Afrin have become in the hands of Turkish forces since the beginning of the war, and were handed over to Turkey by 40 cadres of Qandil who were working in Afrin in coordination with Turkey, that group surrendered itself to the Turkish state At the beginning of its entry and in cooperation with the armed groups.