How did PKK assassinate Juma Abdul Ghani? Serious details are revealed for the first time

Jul 13 2020

ARK News.. On the twenty-eighth anniversary of the assassination of Juma Abdul-Ghani by the PKK, in the city of Derik in Syrian Kurdistan, a source close to the family revealed the details of his assassination, saying: He was assassinated in a brutal mafia, and some of the perpetrators have become leaders in the region.

The writer Walid Haj Abdul Qadir said during his participation of him in the sixth ARK bulletin, on Saturday, 12 July 2020, which is the 28th anniversary of the assassination of Juma Abdul Ghani: A number of PKK militants close to the martyr assassinated him in front of his house, after elaborating a plan for the operation, as the gunmen estimated the number of ten - and they are known to the people of the area - ready to kill everyone who encounters their path and intercepts them. The writer Abdul Qadir added: The martyr was fully aware that there was a plan to assassinate him, yet he refused to leave Derik.

Abdul Qadir asserted: Gama Abdul Ghani defected from the PKK, and criticized the mistakes and practices they were taking, so he was targeted like other victims who were killed by the aforementioned party. Pointing out: After the party split, the PKK developed a plan to assassinate him, and on July 12, 1992, they managed to assassinate him in front of his young girl, Ronahi, in Derik, with hands close to him, as the perpetrators were in close relationship with the deceased and were frequenting his home, and some of them became leaders in the region.

The writer Abdul Qadir continued: The file of the martyr Juma Abdul Ghani, a political assassination case, not a social issue between two families, and we must deal with the file of Jum'a from this perspective.

On Saturday marks the 28th anniversary of the assassination of PKK dissident Juma Abdul Ghani, in the city of Derik. The martyr was married and the father of three daughters.

On this occasion, a delegation from the fourth branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria visited, yesterday, the family of the martyr in Germany, and the delegation presented a scarf for the Kurdish flag and the map of Kurdistan to the wife of the martyr in scarify for the martyr’s blood.