Turkey threatens America with harsh sanctions

Turkey threatens America with harsh sanctions

Dec 13 2019

ARK News; The Foreign Relations Committee in the US Senate, on Wednesday, passed draft sanctions against Turkey, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that any US sanctions against Turkey for purchasing Russian S-400 air defense systems are considered a lack of respect for Turkey's sovereignty, and harm relations between the two countries.

According to Turkish Foreign Ministry statement on Thursday saying: "Ankara knows the motives that the International Affairs Committee in the American Senate has to adopt the bill, which stipulates the imposition of sanctions against our country because of the operation of " olive branch " in Afrin region and" S-400 ". Serious concern about the severe blow we have inflicted on a project that has been prepared for a long time. "

The Turkish Foreign Ministry added in its statement that "initiatives recently implemented for internal political reasons in the two chambers of Congress, which are supported by well-known anti-Turkish parties, are tantamount to a lack of respect for our sovereign decisions on national security. These initiatives will only produce results but harm Turkish-American relations."

This comes, at a time when Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavus Oğlu confirmed on Wednesday that if the United States of America takes a negative step against Turkey by imposing sanctions, Ankara will respond to it, and will discuss the issue of the American presence in the Incirlik and Korjik bases.

The Turkish foreign minister also hinted that the United States was prevented from using two strategic air bases in response to possible US sanctions against his country.