Fouad Aliko: The PKK should expand fronts inside Turkish territory

Oct 12 2019

Ark News: A leader of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syrian said that the PKK should withdraw from Syrian Kurdistan and expand the fronts inside Turkish territory.

During his participation in the ARK Bulletin, Fouad Aliko, a member of the political committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party - Syria, said: What the PKK is doing in Syrian Kurdistan is unacceptable, where the PKK transferred its problems and wars with the Turkish state to Syrian Kurdistan, the PKK must withdraw immediately from Syrian Kurdistan, and let the sons of Syrian Kurdistan decide their fate among themselves.

Aliko stressed that the PKK should confine its wars with the Turkish state inside Turkish territory and transfer them to Turkish cities because this will affect the Turkish state more, they must destabilize Turkish security from inside Turkey, not outside its borders.