Australian woman meets her grandchildren at al-Hol camp in Syria

Australian woman meets her grandchildren at al-Hol camp in Syria

Apr 18 2019

ARK News: The Australian ABC television channel broadcasted on Monday pictures of an Australian woman meeting with her stranded grandchildren in Syria Who were orphaned after the death of their father in the ranks of the terrorist organization of "Da'esh".

The sons of the extremist Khalid Sharrof and Tara Nettleton are in the al-Hol camp in Kurdistan of Syria which has about 100,000 people, and they want to return to Australia after their parents came to the Middle East in 2013.

“Grandmother Karen Nettleton was able to meet her grandchildren in the camp after two failed attempts after a phone call in March by her 16-year-old granddaughter, Huda Sharrof,” the channel said.

Nettleton has long demanded of returning the children to Australia.

In this regard, Prime Minister Scott Morrison noted that his Government had been in contact with the International Committee of the Red Cross, but he added that it would not risk the lives of any Australian to "take people out of these areas of conflict."

Karen Nettleton still does not know how she will be able to get her grandchildren out of the camp and the matter relates to Huda, her sister Zaynab 17 years old and the pregnant woman in the seventh month, Hamza, eight years old, and Zaynab’s two sons, Aisha (3 years) and Fatima (2 years).

In an interview with ABC, Nettleton expressed her regret that "no positive or negative response was received", and she expressed her frustration at her talks with those involved in the Australian capital, Canberra. "All they said was that as soon as we arrived in Turkey, they would provide possible assistance," she said.

And the father of grandchildren in Australia the Lebanese Khalid Sharrof, who went to Syria in 2013 with his wife Tara Nettleton and their five children. The man raised to fear and disgust in 2014 when it was posted on Twitter a picture of his son Abdullah showing the head of a Syrian soldier.

It is likely that Khalid Sharrof, the first Australian nationality was extracted in accordance with the laws of the fight against terrorism, was killed with two of his sons in 2017 an American air strike. Tara Nettleton died in 2015.