Pederson meets the National Coordinating Body in Damascus

Pederson meets the National Coordinating Body in Damascus

Mar 19 2019

ARN News: The first meeting took place on Monday between the UN special envoy to Syria, Geir Pederson, and his team in the capital Damascus.

According to sources familiar with the Mena Observatory, the Pederson team includes Robert Dunn, chief political officer, Alaa Abdul Aziz, director of the UN office in Damascus, and Yvonne Andrea including Political Affairs Officer.

The meeting included "Pederson" with his team with a delegation of "the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change Forces" headed by Hassan Abdul Azhim and three members of the Executive Bureau of the Commission.

The sources said that "the dialogue was about the future work plan by the Special Envoy and his working group to overcome the obstacles which facing the political negotiating process."

The delegation of the Coordination Committee stressed the importance of following up the positive interaction within the Syrian negotiating team with the UN envoy in accordance with the Geneva Declaration and the relevant resolutions and international statements, especially resolution 2254 which is considered an integrated plan of action for the political negotiation process, according to reported sources.

The sources pointed out that in the focus of the confidence-building measures was confirmed by the "body" during the meeting on the need to release all detainees and kidnappers and find out the fate of the missing.