General Military Staff: We are ready to attack East Euphrates

General Military Staff: We are ready to attack East Euphrates

Nov 19 2018

Ark News: The spokesman for the General Military Staff of the National Army gunmen, Youssef Hammoud said on Sunday, there is a real intention to move to the east of the Euphrates (regions of Kurdistan Syria), and we will be together with the people of the eastern region in Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour, during a statement to Aleppo Today in the program of the news.

"The people of the eastern region have helped us to get rid of the terrorism of Da’esh, and we stand side by side with them to move to the area of East Euphrates”, Youssef Hammoud added.

As for the military campaign in Afrin, Hammoud said, "The campaign is carried out by the military police under the supervision of the General Military Staff and with the support, planning, and study of all the armed forces of the national army, including the armed factions of the eastern region, and the campaign is against the spoilers and not against a specific faction.

Hammoud confirmed that "after the formation of the national army, a set of regulatory and military controls has been put in place, and any group that cannot develop itself and its capabilities in proportion to the work and objectives of the national army as a revolutionary military establishment will be a burden to us when we move from one place to another”.