Aliko to ARK: Condemning the regime with chemical weapons is a message to Russia in curbing it to limit normalization

Feb 02 2023

ARK News... Fouad Aliko, a member of the Political Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party - Syria, on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, said that condemning the regime for using chemicals is a clear message to Russia and the printing countries, and there are serious efforts to condemn the Syrian regime.

Aliko said in statements during his participation in the Ark newsletter that the condemnation comes to restore pressure on the Syrian regime, Russia and Iran, and the issuance of the Caesar Act and Captagon and the condemnation of the use of chemical weapons are among those attempts.

He added that the condemnation of the regime is a message to Russia to curb it in the efforts of normalization, in addition to the countries that want to normalize relations with the regime, such as Turkey, Algeria, the UAE, etc. The meaning of the messages is that the regime is illegitimate and must be changed.

He pointed out that had it not been for the reports issued condemning the regime, many countries would have printed with the regime, and America is insisting on settling the Syrian crisis in accordance with Resolution 2254 and forcing Russia, Iran, and the opposition countries to implement the resolution.

At the end of his speech, he said that the regime will remain and changes will be made and the opposition will be involved in it while holding Bashar al-Assad accountable is up to the opposition. According to Resolution 2254, the involvement and reconciliation must be with the consent of both parties. Accountability belongs to the opposition and its consent to engage with the regime.