A solidarity stand in front of the United Nations building for Afrin in Bonn

A solidarity stand in front of the United Nations building for Afrin in Bonn

Sep 22 2018

ARK News: Dozens of members of the Syrian Kurdish community came out a sit-in and a solidarity stand for Afrin in front of the United Nations building in the German city of Bonn, on Friday, to protest against the criminal acts in Afrin rejoin by the Turkish forces and all pro-Turkish groups and armed factions against human beings, Land and history and handed over a file on those acts to a representative of the building, which includes photos, information and videos.

Despite the lack of participation by the large Kurdish community in Germany there, but dozens of them attended the sit-in raising the national Kurdish flag (Ala Rangin) and pictures and signs of violations of the atrocities committed by armed groups of killing, kidnapping, arrest, and burning forests and olive trees, The protestors held a minute of silence on the martyrs of Kurd and Kurdistan and the Kurdish national anthem was played. The sit-in included a few cheers calling for the armed groups to leave Afrin. They also called for the return of all the Kurdish displaced people and nationalist messages that reflected the Afrin people's attachment to their land and olive trees.

In this regard, the Kurdish community in Germany has issued a few days ago a call inviting the Kurdish masses to participate effectively under a broad slogan
Afrin cries out help and extended to shake off its pure soil the dirt of the occupier and his mercenary, and the demands of were as follows:

1. Call on the UN and all decision-making centers in the world to urge them to take all necessary measures immediately to evacuate Afrin from the Turkish military presence and all its armed terrorist factions and to ensure the return of all displaced persons and displaced persons to their homes and properties, and evacuation of settlers.
2. Afrin has to put under international supervision and protection, because it is subjected to genocide and ethnic cleansing and religious systematic targeting its component Kurdish and Yezidi Kurds, which requires that protection pending the formation of the political climate to ensure the return of security and stability to the region and the people can govern themselves by themselves.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish forces and the pro-Turkish armed groups occupied Afrin on 18/3/2018. Dozens of crimes were committed against the residents of the city and its villages, including killing, kidnapping and torture, looting and theft, burning agricultural crops, appropriation of citizens' property, and destruction of archaeological and religious monuments. Murder and kidnapping in order to demand ransom have become collective behavior and systematic by all factions and armed groups located on the dust of Afrin Kurdistan.