Faisal Na'so: The Kurds have to unite and the PYD has to return to the previously concluded agreements

Faisal Na'so: The Kurds have to unite and the PYD has to return to the previously concluded agreements

Sep 22 2018

ARK News: A senior leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria (KDP-S) said that the Syrian crisis is in its final stages after a long war that lasted nearly eight years, killing, displacing, destroying, detaining and missing in most of the Syrian governorates, and neither World War I nor World War II lasted in that way.

In a special statement to the ARK News website, Faisal Na'so, member of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria (KDP-S), said: "The Syrian people in all its spectrum paid the long-term war bill in Syria a high price, as the war approached its final stages, it became clear to everyone that the solution of the Syrian issue by violence and military methods had not worked, but that things had gotten worse and more complicated without reaching a conclusion.

Na’so added: "Neither opposition was able to overthrow the regime as it claims, nor The regime has succeeded in eliminating the opposition. It has brought things to its advantage because the Syrian issue has more than one country in which we can say that it has become international."

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria also said: After all this devastating war it is time to sit down around the table for negotiations and for resolve the Syrian crisis, under the international auspices and political and diplomatic ways, like Geneva and Astana conferences.

With regard to the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan at this stage, Na’so said: We must all circumvent the interests of our people and move away from ballet ideas, narrow identity of loving Party and personal interests, which have only brought us loss, and in my point of view that PYD bears the greatest responsibility for what has been happening, and it must review itself, recognize its mistakes, renounce its practices, and return to the agreements reached between us, such as the first and second Hawler agreements, and finally Duhok agreement, the release of all political prisoners, the opening of Party offices and allowing political activity without pressure.

Faisal Na’so added: "We have to all strive to hold a national conference Kurdistan in Hawler and all the outstanding problems between us, and this may be the last opportunity for us if we do not exploit, and in this case we have missed the train and we became determined on the road and in that time we will bite on our fingers, and the regret will not benefit us.