The role of civil society organizations in the Syrian war

The role of civil society organizations in the Syrian war

Sep 22 2018

ARK News: The Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate - Syria and the Writers Union of Kurdistan of Syria Kurdistan branch held a cultural evening entitled "The Role of Civil Society Organizations in the Syrian War" by Mr. Hasan Qassim, spokesman of the Kurdistan Civil Society Forces, on Friday 21-9-2018 at the headquarters of the union, which was led by Omar Kochari, the captain of the journalists.

The lecturer sheds light on historical stations of the civil society process, the views of philosophers and thinkers about it, and the role of these vital and great organizations in a democratic society. The role of these organizations in their despotic society is not recognized by such civil bodies, and its weak impact in the Syrian war, which did not remain.

At the end of the lecture, the richest attendance with their valuable evening interventions, and contributed to the enrichment of some ideas and a lot of issues that engage the civil society.

The poet Mohammed Juma concluded the evening with a poetic poem about the late journalist Musa Antar.