Armed Groups Arrest Two Citizens In Rural Afrin

Armed Groups Arrest Two Citizens In Rural Afrin

Sep 20 2018

ARK News: An armed group belonging to the pro-Turkey faction of Abu Amsha arrested two citizens and demanded a large ransom from their relatives in exchange for their release in Sheikh al-Hadid town of the Kurdish city of Afrin.
“Elements belonging to Amshat the faction, on Wednesday arrested two Kurdish citizens whose names are Mustapha Sheikho bin Khalil Kovno and Mohammed Mustafa bin Ali Mistiq and demanded from their relatives $ 10 thousand dollars, and after the intervention of some benefactors of the people of the town the amount was reduced to $ 3,000 each Person, and the ransom was paid for their release.”, a special source from Sheikh al-Hadid town told the ARK News.

According to the same source that “both citizens went to Afrin to file a complaint against the group of Abu Amsha, and when returning from Afrin to their town, the same group arrested them again and both are still in arbitrary detention and their fate unknown so far.”

It is noteworthy that the pro-Turkish army factions, which participated in occupation of the Afrin city, committed dozens of crimes against the people of the city and its countrysides, such as killing, kidnapping, and torture, along with looting and theft, burning crops, and seize the property of citizens, and the destruction of monuments, Murder, and kidnapping for ransom have become a systematic behavior by all armed groups present on the soil of Afrin Kurdistan .