China reveals pleasant surprise about Corona

China reveals pleasant surprise about Corona

Mar 13 2020

ARK News.. It seems that the summer will bring good news to the world. A senior Chinese official revealed that the Coruna epidemic may end by next June.

Zhong Nanshan, a senior health adviser to the Chinese government, said Thursday, with a relative decline in the number of infections in the country, that it is expected to end as the new virus in June.

The country's famous scientist also pointed out that many patients and cases that came to the country from abroad, showed a clear heterogeneity.

In addition, the 83-year-old researcher, known for his previous fight against "SARS", confirmed that the rate of infection or other health symptoms among the recovered patients was very low.

A global pandemic .. and previous exile

This comes after the World Health Organization announced on Wednesday evening that the Corona virus is a global epidemic. The director of the organization, Tedros Adhanom, added that the number of cases outside China increased by 13 times in the past two weeks.

He also said at the time: "Covid-19 can now be classified as a pandemic ... We have never seen a pandemic spread due to the Coronavirus." He expressed concern that countries have not taken measures to reduce the virus.

It is noteworthy that the Executive Director of the WHO's emergency health program, Dr. Mike Ryan, announced last week that everyone should assume that the virus will still be able to spread, and that it is wrong to believe that it will be seasonal and disappear in the summer, such as the flu, as he put it.

Ryan also expressed the hope that the virus would disappear, but pointed out that this possibility is an assumption without evidence.