Two Kurds win two seats in the British Parliament

Two Kurds win two seats in the British Parliament

Dec 14 2019

ARK News: Two out of four Kurdish candidates won the British Parliament elections.

Nadhim Zahawi, a British descendant from the city of Khanaqin in the Kurdistan Region, won 33,343 votes, with his highest votes being among the four Kurdish candidates.

Firyal Clark, who comes from southeast Turkey, "Northern Kurdistan", also won 23,240 votes.

As for Ibrahim Dogouz from Northern Kurdistan as well, he had gained 15,000 and 211 votes which did not allow him to have a seat in Parliament.

Likewise, Kawa Beheshti Zada of Kurdistan of Iran did not win, as his votes reached 7 thousand votes and 749 votes.

The Conservative party led by Boris Johnson won an absolute majority in the British Parliament in Thursday's legislative elections. Johnson's party won 345 seats in the House of Commons. The day after his victory, Johnson promised to implement Britain's exit from the European Union.