The family of the Kurdish child Alan refuses to film about their son

The family of the Kurdish child Alan refuses to film about their son

Jul 02 2019

ARK News: The family of the Kurdish child Alan, whose image has become a global symbol of the migration crisis towards Europe in 2015, refused to film a film about the circumstances of his tragic sinking.

Alan’s Aunt, Tima Kurdi, a resident in the Canadian city of Vancouver told the channel "CBC" that "her heart is broken ... This idea is rejected," adding that the family had not consulted about the film.

Alan’s aunt confirmed that the father of the child, Abdulla Kurdi is resident in Kurdistan of Iraq, who told her the subject of the film, adding that "and when he called me, he was crying, and he told me that he did not imagine that his dead son would return to life again (through the film)."

It is noteworthy that the film (Dear Alan: Sea of Death) is currently being filmed in Turkey, and assumes that the American actor, Steven Sigal, plays a role in it.

The director of the Turkish film, Omar Sari kaya, published pictures of the film on social networking sites, he also stressed that his film focuses on the refugee crisis in general, adding that "he cannot change the title of the film now."

The body of the boy, Alan, was found dumped on a beach in Turkey, where he sank with several members of his family while they were trying to reach a Greek island. The sea waves cast the body to the shore

The image of drowning Alan drew at the time an international sympathy which prompting the European Union to temporarily open its borders to the influx of Syrian refugees.