Kurdish politician:

Kurdish politician: "We will not agree with any party without Roj Peshmerga"

Jun 17 2019

ARK News: A member of a Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party -Syria, Haji Kalo revealed that they will discuss their role as a party and as a Kurdish National Council in Syria in the Syrian opposition and the Syrian opposition coalition.

In a special statement to ARK News on the meeting of the Central Committee to be held on today, 17.06.2019, Kalo said that the meeting is normal one and they will discuss the organizational matters, the political situation in Kurdistan of Syria and Syria in general and political positions, and the role of the Kurdish National Council in Syria and its presence in the coalition or to find another mechanism to work with the coalition, in addition to discuss the issue of media and the upcoming congress of the party and the possibility of setting a date for holding.

Kalo added that they will also talk about the French initiative on the agreement and rapprochement between the Kurdish National Council in Syria and the Democratic Union Party the PYD, stressing that they will not go to any political agreement with any party or entity without Roj Peshmerga, and that the parties concerned and supervising the initiative have to put pressure on the PYD, and that what concerns them in the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria and the Kurdish National Council in Syria are the presence of Roj Peshmerga in the safe area that is talking about nowadays.