Afrin... An organization reveals the number of sites and trees that exposed to burning

Afrin... An organization reveals the number of sites and trees that exposed to burning

May 20 2019

ARK News: A Human Rights Organization, working in the field of documenting violations in the Kurdish region of Afrin, has reported the number of sites and trees that exposed to burning at the beginning of the control of Turkey army and the armed factions in the area, and said that the majority of the sites that exposed to burning were effective and it was a deliberate act.

According to a report by the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, the ARK Media Foundation reported it stating that "the fire that broke out on 15/05/2019 in the mountain of Qaziqli in the area of Jenderes was the result of negligence and irresponsibility as a result of the security chaos and the release of the hands of the armed elements and through them the sense of displacement by having power and impose their defeated prestige - oppressed in their regions in addition to their feeling not to be held accountable for any action that may be taken by them. "

The Organization added that "the fire that started from the mountain and extended to the surrounding lands of the villages of Tatara, Gorda and Chobana which led to the spread of a thick cloud of smoke covering three areas (Jenderes - Mabata - Rajo), and despite the intervention of the civil defense teams with limited capabilities, they were not able to extinguish the fires completely, because of the rigidity of the region, which was called for assistance from the Turkish occupation side, which was monitoring the situation without interference. But in the early hours of the evening, the fires generally subsided which have caused extensive damage to forests and agricultural fields. "

The organization noted in its report that "the flames of fire spread in the forest surrounding of Gobake -Hayate villages in Hawar mountain, which was extinguished by the civil defense teams of the local council in the Mabata town.

The Organization revealed the sites and trees that were exposed to burning, saying: " Through our review of fire records in the past year shows that more than 40 locations were set fire, most of them by deliberate action, as of 06/07/2018 in the valley of ( Gali Tira valley) and the most recent date of 19/10/2018 in the forest overlooking the cattle bazar in Afrin city and through which were burned more than 5000 olive trees and about 300 hectares of forests.

Afrin region is an agricultural area which is famous for its large agricultural trees and forests. Since the Turkish army and the armed forces have occupied Afrin region, the forests of the area such as olives and others, have been deliberately burned with the aim of trading wood and making use of other areas.