Finding a body of a Kurdish refugee in Gwelan camp

Finding a body of a Kurdish refugee in Gwelan camp

May 20 2019

ARK News: Asayish of Gwelan camp found the body of the young man (Dilshad Khalil Omar) near the camp.

A Kurdish family of Syrian Kurdish refugees in Duhok refugee camp in Gwelan, via ARK News, has been calling for the loss of the impact of their young son since Tuesday, May 14, and asked the people of the camp and the good people everywhere to help them to reach to any information about their son.

Khalil Omar, the father of Dilshad, said that his 22-year-old son, Dilshad, had been in an abnormal position for 3 days. He had been out of his home for several days and had no information about him, expressing his concern and fear for his position.

According to Dilshad's father, Khalil informed the Asayish of the camp about the loss of his son and wished to help and get any information from his comrades and the residents of the camp, but the Asayish informed his father that his son's body was found on Sunday morning on 19.5.2019.