Election of 3 new members of Kurds of Syria in the new Board of Directors of the Central Council of Kurdistan Associations in Germany

Dec 04 2018

ARK News: At the invitation of the Central Council of Kurdish Associations in Germany and the completion of previous meetings on the unification of Kurdish associations in accordance with basic principles, foremost of which is the right of the Kurdish people to establish their independent state and in the presence of representatives of some Kurdish associations and civil society organizations of Kurdistan.

An extension conference of the Kurdish associations in Germany was held on Saturday 01.12.2018 in Frankfort to choose a new council and discuss a program for the establishment of the Council and putting plans and programs to ensure the organization of civil work of the associations and Kurdish community in Germany.

The conference began with the Kurdish national anthem “Ay Raqib” and then the stand a minute of silence on the lives of the martyrs of Kurds and Kurdistan, and the Nader Doghani delivered a speech of Council in which he welcomed the participants and other speeches were given by the members of the Council and the speech of the German Social Democratic Party "SPD" in the province of Kisang delivered by Mrs. Petra Stav and the participants presented several interventions in order to activate the role of the Kurdish community in Germany, as well as a documentary film about the Peshmerga tournaments in the war against terrorist organization of Da’esh, was also shown with a short speech by Dr. Heyman Omar, head of the German-Kurdish Friendship Association in Hawler.

And in a special meeting of representatives of the associations the recognition of the declaration of the Council was recognized formally and the demand for licensing from the German authorities and discussing some organizational issues and adopting some steps for the work of the Council and the formation of several committees, including the Women's Committee and a consultative committee of human rights activists and academics led by writer and journalist Abdullah Joundi , and committees (Media, youth, students, culture, art), and three new members were added to the previous board of directors and two reservists were elected to the council

New members of Kurds of Syrian refugees were in Germany and they are: Kovan Khalaf a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Youth and Students Union Rojava and Ahmed Sheikho representative of Khuyabun Association and Najah Hevo representative of Women Union