High prices burden the people of Kobani

High prices burden the people of Kobani

Dec 06 2023

ARK News… In light of the difficult economic conditions and the decline in the value of the Syrian pound against the US dollar, citizens in the city of Kobani in Syrian Kurdistan are suffering from the high prices of basic materials for daily life.

A special source reported to "ARK" on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, that the high prices of food are burdening citizens in Kobani, in light of the absence of price control by the PYD administration.

The source added, "Because of the high prices, many families in Kobani are abandoning meat and other items of nutritional value and are content with basic foodstuffs such as rice and bulgur."

List of prices of some food items for today, in the city:

- Farzat oil, 4 liters, 78 thousand Syrian pounds
- 10 kg sugar at a price of 135 thousand
- Tea 1 kg 32 thousand
- Tomato molasses, 5 kg, costs 35 thousand, and the price varies according to the quality
- Rice 1 kg 12 thousand
- Bulgur, 1 kg, 9 thousand
-Vegetable ghee 2 kg for 42 thousand

The people of Kobani complain about the insane rise in prices and the lack of balance between them and their daily or monthly income, and their complaints, like many other complaints, remain forgotten and do not find deaf ears.