A statement from the family of the detainee, Hamid Eidi

A statement from the family of the detainee, Hamid Eidi

Jun 23 2022

ARK News... The family of the detainee Hamid Eidi, who was arrested on June 12, issued a statement on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, calling for his immediate release, holding the Syrian Democratic Forces responsible for his safety.

The statement, as ARK received a copy of it, is as follows:

To the Kurds and Kurdish public opinion and all the honorable people in the world, we are the children of families:

The Banko family: Fawaz Amin Banko

The Nassau family: Saleh Ali Naso

The Eid family, from them, Sheikhmous Khalil Eidi, the family of Hamid Marwan Eidi. We know that what happened to our son was a failed and cowardly assassination attempt, with malicious guidance and reports, from people with weak souls and those who used to work in the past during the regime’s days, and they are still the matter that led to his arrest in the presence of his uncle and son-in-law who know who was arrested by people by name and his forcibly concealment without revealing or disclosing his whereabouts or his health status until writing these lines by the PYD Asayish is a result of the positions of his father, a leader in the Yekity party and his patriotic family, and the positions of the honorable and patriotic people of Amouda for decades who have always stood against the regime’s practices and later against the practices of the PYD against the sons of Amouda the Kurdish people and the destruction of the structure of this people, knowing that there have been many attempts, through the benevolent people of our people, to release Hamid Marwan Eidi, and clan dignitaries from the two cities of Amouda so that we do not resort to the media, but all these attempts failed at the time when they release dozens of terrorists ISIS members daily who killed our sons in their wars and through Arab clan mediation.

Therefore, we appeal to our patriotic and honorable people to stand with us against these practices that increase enmity among the Kurdish community and to seek Hamid’s immediate release, while at the same time holding the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, responsible for the life of our son.
Freedom for all Kurdish politicians from PYD prisons.