The sunrise memory of the Sihela epic enters its fourth year to decorate the pages of history about the resistance of the heroes Kurdistan Peshmerga

The sunrise memory of the Sihela epic enters its fourth year to decorate the pages of history about the resistance of the heroes Kurdistan Peshmerga

Oct 26 2020

ARK News... The sunrise memory of the Sihela epic enters its fourth year to decorate the pages of history about the resistance of the heroes Kurdistan Peshmerga on 10/26/2017.

By Saeed Omar

In the continuation of the plot against the region, the tyrants had to separate the Kurdistan Region from its regional geographic center. The plan was to split the region with Syrian Kurdistan through the Semalka crossing, and Kurdistan of Turkey through the Ibrahim al-Khalil crossing, in order to besiege it politically and geographically, choke it economically, dismember it and prevent any national human extension between the three parts.

The zero-hours began for the outcomes of the conspiracy, as the battle of "Sihela" was the main military line of the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Iraqi army, in order to besiege the region and complete the dreams and illusions of the enemies by ending the entity of the Kurdistan Region.

The battle began in conjunction with the movement of Iraqi forces towards the "Silobi" area in Kurdistan of Turkey, and preparations for taking over the Ibrahim Khalil crossing after the elimination of the Peshmerga forces stationed in (Sihela, Mahmuodiya, and Ain Aweys), and heading towards the Pish Khabour / Semalka border crossing with Syrian Kurdistan, thus the road is paved with silks mixed with treacherous towards Hawler.

As usual, Roj Peshmerga. Their word and decision were the final dismissals. A tournament that brought to mind the concepts of belief and self-sacrifice, soul, and body in order for the children, youth, and women of Kurdistan to have dignity and freedom.

The battle of existence and non-existence.

In front of the Iranian and Iraqi missile strikes on the Peshmerga sites, the enemy's arrogance saturated with bloodshed, and the corresponding balance, elevation, and courage of the Peshmerga. The invading forces were not able to advance one millimeter towards the Peshmerga points.
On the other hand, the relaxation of the soul in order to elevate the name of Kurdistan pushed the Barzani lions to come forward to block the roads in front of the hordes of modern-day terrorism, to announce the elimination of those who crossed between the parts of Kurdistan as long as we are alive, and to renew the era of the Peshmerga, the martyrs were offered sacrifices on the platform of freedom as a gift to subsequent Kurdish generations and in fulfillment of the independence referendum.

And because the enemies were fighting without ideology and a humanitarian goal, it was easy to know their conditions and what was going on between them. Where the military leaders of the Hashd and the Iraqi offered huge sums of money to those who lead the first armored vehicle towards the Peshmerga stationing points, but all of them refused after they found bravery, strength, and solidity in the defenses of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, as the Peshmerga artillery demolished their fortresses and thwarted their plans, and ended their dreams. How not, they are the descendants of Qazi Muhammad and Mustafa Barzani the immortal.

Those who approached Hawler and Kurdistan were disappointed. From Alexander the Macedonian, Mongolian Hulagu, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Popular Mobilization Forces, the Turkish and Iraqi armies, and the traitors of the modern era, after they tried to eliminate Hawler and Kurdistan, all of them dragged the trails of disappointment and defeat behind them, and the mulberry leaf fell off the nakedness of their betrayals and their conspiracies.

During this, the Iraqi army and the Popular Mobilization Forces have proven that there is no national state, no citizenship, and no constitution that unites them with the Kurds, only racism, sectarianism, and hatred towards the Kurds, humanity, and dignity, and revealed the nakedness of the genealogy of betrayal and refused that history should remain a solid memory for future generations, saying: Your history has two parallel lines that do not meet, the first is a struggle, heroism, sacrifice, blood, and martyrs for the sake of national rights and the Kurdish state, and the second is betrayal, humiliation, orders, subordination to the invader and the occupier, and cooperation with murderers and criminals.

At that time, after the victory, General Mansour Barzani said to the youth of the Roj Peshmerga: Do you know that you are dearer to the president Barzani than I am, and you are his sons who are close to his heart to me, during which everyone shouted for you, Barzani?

During this historical epic of the Peshmerga, the regional media was paralyzed for a period of time as a result of the scandal that their armies were exposed to in front of the Kurdish force, at that time some international media mocked the antagonisms of the Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish armies who claim modernity, as military experts lied everything that was said and said with sarcastic comments about the situation Cartoon Regional Military.

Thus, the Peshmerga thwarted the scheme of the criminals of the era. It kept the national artery among the Kurds alive and did not allow the Kurds to be deprived of seeing Kurdistan as an oasis of freedom and democracy again.

The "Sihela" epic, the battle of the twenty-first century and proof of the Kurdish national existence, and the distinction between sacrificing his soul for the sake of the homeland, and the one who sacrifices the homeland for the sake of his humiliated spirit.

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