Afrin... pro-Turkey mercenary armed groups seize Kurdish properties and turn them into housing complexes and commercial stores
The picture of Qibare village and the surrounding quarries from above

Afrin... pro-Turkey mercenary armed groups seize Kurdish properties and turn them into housing complexes and commercial stores

Jul 04 2020

ARK News.. A Human Rights Organization working to document violations in the Kurdish region of Afrin reported on its main page of Facebook today, 04.07.2020, that Turkish forces and militias of armed groups affiliated to them continue by cracking down on Kurdish citizens in the Kurdish region of Afrin and the implementation of the political and military agendas in terms of the ethnic cleansing of Kurds and forcing residents to leave in order to make a demographic change, because since its entry into the Kurdish region of Afrin, the Turkish forces have launched a hand of corruption and sabotage to the armed militias loyal to them from theft, looting, and seizing property from homes, agricultural and mountainous lands, and transferring sites from them to the headquarters of their military and security forces, and another section of the armed militia’s headquarters with various names they belong to under the name of the Free Syrian National Army, including secret detention centers and prisons that contain the kidnappers, under the name "kidnapped by the mafia gangs and bandits with the intention of collecting ransom"

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said that recently, several cases of land grabbing and converting into settlements have been recorded under the name of “housing complexes” with the aim of resettling those who were brought in from various other Syrian regions.

1-Building a settlement in the lands belonging to the Kurdish citizens of the village of Khalta of Jenderes township, from the southern side, about 1 km in size, on an area of several hectares and transfer the necessary building materials (block - sculptor - cement) with an area ranging between 70 - 100 square meters for each settlement house.

2-The construction of a settlement at the top of the mountains overlooking the village of Ashkibar, where the constructing work began since early last March and the built commercial shops and a settlement for the settlers.

3-Building a Turkish military-security headquarters in Mount Lelon and establishing several military headquarters for the militias controlling the villages in the mountain chain that extend from Ashkibar to the village of Ghazawiya and thus converting them to a military zone and preventing the people from approaching them and investing their agricultural lands and olive fields and scattered orchids. Knowing that they previously tried to build a settlement in the aforementioned area under the name "Shamiya Village", but the small number of subscribers and the small real estate financial contributions "with Qatari support" stopped the project for use in other projects.

4-Recently, several workshops sponsored by the Turkish forces and leaders of armed militias spread in the quarries of stone starting from the mountain that overlooks the village of Ashkibar and the mountainous sites scattered along and the area of Mount Lelon to produce what is needed in building settlements for Arab settlers on the one hand and transfer the remaining stones to Al-Bab area, in which a huge saw was created specifically for cutting and preparing it and then transporting it to Turkish lands for export to the State of Qatar, knowing that the first shipments that arrived in Qatar were during the beginning of last June.

5-Transferring the lands of the Kurdish citizen Osman Agha and seizing his house by transferring it to a hospital called "Al-Mahabbe", which was taken over by Al Jabha Al Shamiya militia led by the mercenary Nidal Biyanouni and the group called Abu Suleiman, who controlled the Kawa roundabout area and later transferred it to one of the organizations with a Turkish decision, and the rest of the land was transformed into small shops and random stalls in which stolen items were sold from the homes of Kurdish citizens starting from (dishes - spoons - pots - tea kits - glass and plastic cups - electrical tools from washing machines and refrigerators - fans - Shoes - clothing – doors - windows - building materials from ceramics - cement - agricultural tools - electric saws - industrial tools - brushes - blankets - carpets - the parts needed for cars from decorations - car rims - batteries - wheels)

6- The Seizure of lands belonging to the former municipality which owned by Jahid Agha, located on the road to Jenderes “The New Bridge” and the construction of gas stations in it next to each other, which constitutes a threat to the lives of citizens and settlers in addition to the damage to neighboring agricultural lands due to the waste of these stations from the fuel and their leakage in the red agricultural soil.

7- The Seizing the bus station, on the pretext of investing to the name Mohammed Banawi, brother of Rajab Al-Banawi, who is affiliated with the militia of the Al Jabha Al Shamiya, and imposing fines on buses.

8- The Seizure of the quarry beside the Diesel Square that is invested by settlers with collusion and coordination with the armed militia leaders in exchange for percentages they receive, as the amount of investment in each of the quarries is spread at approximately $ 1 million and it represents the value of heavy machinery used (cutters- bulldozers -Trucks).

9- The seizer of the building of General Consumer Corporation located near the building of the former State intelligence by the Liwaa Al Shamal faction and transferred to the automatic oven, and granting lands located within the headquarters of the youth and the former municipal stadium to establish a settlement inside the city under the name of "residential complex" without any objection from the head of the local council in the city of Afrin and members of the Service Technical Office.

10- Within the plans of the Turkish government and its expansionist settlement project, removing barbed wire from the Turkish-Kurdish-Syrian borders and demarcating them again after forwarding them for unlimited distances varying from one spot to the next, ranging from 50 to 500 meters.

11- The taking over of buildings and educational institutions "schools" and converting them to military and security headquarters, the building of the former director of the region, and the buildings of the security departments. We discussed the issue in previous documentation.

12-The Seizing gardens and public squares, and establishing commercial and investment shops in them for the benefit of settlers, and erecting statues therein.

12- Seizing gardens and public squares, and establishing commercial and investment shops in them for the benefit of settlers, and erecting statues therein.

It is worth mentioning that since the controlling of the Turkish army and the armed factions and groups Afrin region, kidnappings campaigns against Kurdish civilians continue with false pretexts, in order to force them to pay the ransom in exchange for their release or to push the indigenous Kurds towards displacement outside the region for the sake of demographic change, in addition to the seizer Kurdish properties and turn them into housing complexes and commercial stores.