Afrin ... 8 years since the Sheikh Hanan massacre, and the story of Noraddin Sheikh Hanan, who was martyred under torture

Afrin ... 8 years since the Sheikh Hanan massacre, and the story of Noraddin Sheikh Hanan, who was martyred under torture

Jul 04 2020

ARK News: On Saturday, 4/7/2019 is the eighth anniversary of the commission of the massacre by the PYD against the family of Sheikh Hanan, Sheikh Hassan, from the village of Afraz - Mabata of the Kurdish region of Afrin- known as the Sheikh Na’asan family who martyred each of the father, Sheikh Hanan and his son Abdul Rahman, in their homes, and the second son, Noraddin, under torture in one of Rajo’s prisons

Noraddin Sheikh Hanan is one of the victims of the massacre of Sheikh Hanan in Afrin on 4/7/2012, which killed both the father Sheikh Hanan and his son Abdul Rahman. Although Noraddin surrendered himself to the PYD , but he was subjected to the most severe torture in a prison of Hopka of Rajo town, and he lost his life due to that torture.

After he was martyred under torture by PYD militants, his body was thrown into the house of Sheikh Hanan to claim that he had been killed in the clashes that took place on 4/7/2012

After receiving the body of Noraddin by his relatives, he was buried in his village Avraze in the evening away from the ceremony of the funeral with the full control by the PYD.

Details of the massacre of Sheikh Hanan as narrated by her daughter Dilshan

The raid took place at 12 pm, led by the comrade( Haval) Chakdar and eight others

When they entered the house, they said: "We will arrest Bakir, knowing that Bakir at that time was in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and was not in Afrin."

The raid was almost 12.3 until 12.10. They were asking for my brother Bakir and my father was saying Bakir was not here and my brother Noraddin was saying that if you want Bakir I will surrender myself because Bakir is in the Kurdistan Region, but to no avail and they were not convinced

The clashes started when my father and my brother stood up to defend their house and honor, and clashes continued until morning, which led to wounding my brother Abdul Rahman and comrade (Haval) Chakdar

We would hear their voices out saying you have to surrender yourselves or we will shelling the house with RPGs and kill everyone in the house

Then my brother Noraddin surrendered himself at the request of my father, and then they killed my father and my brother Abdul Rahman, and the next day they killed my brother Noraddin under torture

During the raid, she was wounded and I was hit in the back and shrapnel entered my nose.

In Afrin we cannot perform surgery, here in the Kurdistan Region I had two surgical operations through the Kurdistan Democratic Party

On Wednesday, they threw the body of my father and brother Abdul Rahman in front of Dersim Hospital and they prevented anyone from approaching the bodies., where they threatened to kill anyone who is approaching the bodies.

At 7:00 PM, my mother and my grandfather Haj Khalid took the bodies to our village Avraze for burial them. The next day they called my mother and told her your second son was lying in front of Dersim Hospital. My mother went accompanied by my sister Narishan and my grandfather Haj Khalid, to the hospital to take the body of my brother Noraddin, and there my mother could not identify the body of my brother.

While going to the village, my mother and grandfather were prevented from crying and threatened to kill and assault the women if they cried, so my mother refrained from crying and caught herself.
Then the campaign of demolition and burning of our property and our homes started, they demolished and burned our house, my brother's house, the house of our neighbor Ezaddin from the village of Ramadana, the house of his sons and a number of other houses in our family, tampering with the contents of Hashim Sheikh Na'asan’s Pharmacy and burning of the car of Engineer Sheikh Abdul Aziz and a tractor of our cousin Yahiya Sheikh Na’asan in front of my uncle Sheikh Hanif's house in addition to burning the printing press of Ezaddin Ramadana which is known in the industry area in Afrin.

Then began a campaign of arrests, where they arrested 27 members of the family, including leaders of the Party - the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, such as pharmacist Hashim Sheikh Na’asan, the engineer Sheikh Abdi Sheikh Ahmed, my elderly grandfather 90 years and my uncle Sheikh Hanif nearly 70 years old, in addition to the teachers and graduates of the universities and the number of about 27 people and 10 close friends and family friends

The 27 detainees were from the families of Sheikh Na'asan - Sheikh Ahmad - Sheikh Hassan and Sheikh Ma'mo.
The reasons for the PYD attacking our family are due to our belonging to the Party and the Barzani's immortal approach

That attacking wanted to recreate Afrin according to their approaches and parties and as they wanted.
At the beginning of the Syrian revolution, my brother Sheikh Bakir and a number of his friends announced the formation of the Ahrar Afrin battalion to protect their area.
He became with the leader Hashim of the Syrian security most wanted, after the announcement of the battalion the PYD did not accept and thus they demanded to surrender

When my father realized that a danger staring at my brother Bakir he brought him to the city of Qamishlo and sent him Kurdistan region

Before the massacre, my brother, Masoud, was sent to the Kurdistan Region to join the Roj Peshmerga forces and complete his studies there,
where my brother and cousin are the first who joined the Roj Peshmerga forces at the beginning of the revolution in Syria.

All these reasons that I have made as an attack on our village and our home were intended to break the region and prevent the accession of one of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria.

I want to present my thanks through the ARK channel to President Masoud Barzani, who worked through the Supreme Body to put out the flames of the massacre, because of the decision to execute 12 others except my father and brother issued against them.

I also want to point out that when our family members were tortured, the PYD officials told them to bring your president Masoud Barzani and to save you from torture.

I reiterate my thanks to the President who worked to ensure that the results of the massacre are not expanded.

As our wounded region passes through tragedies, we demand that the perpetrators be prosecuted because we were not only tasted by the horrors of massacres.

There are many massacres, such as the massacre of Sheikho family in Shiye town and Sharvan in Cheqilma village, Burj Abdalo, Amouda, Al Badro in Qamishlo city, Walat Hissy in Kobani and the assassination of the leader in the Party Nasraddin Berhik, we demand the right to justice and prosecute murderers.