Afrin.. Locals find hanged body of young man from Husse village

Afrin.. Locals find hanged body of young man from Husse village

Jul 03 2020

ARK News.. The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said that in the village of Husse of Mabata township in the Kurdish region of Afrin that residents found the body of a young man from the aforementioned village, hanged near the house he lives with his family, without knowing the reasons and the perpetrator.

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said that, on Wednesday 11/11/2020, the body of a young man, Muhammad Mustafa Mannan Youssef, whose mother is Amal, 18 years old and is from the village of Haj Qasima of Mabata township, who worked as a car mechanic, after he committed suicide by hanging Himself on a nearby walnut tree on the house of his immigrant uncle who have been staying there for a long time. Likewise, as a result of the psychological disturbances and social problems that he faced after his only sister went to Aleppo years ago and remained alone for a long time. Knowing that he had previously attempted suicide by taking medications, but the rapid rescue and treatment process kept him alive at the time.

The Organization added that the reason for his stay in the village of Husse is the result of the seizure of the first legion - the al-Ghazil Brigade, led by the security official Abu Turab, his house about two years ago in the village of Haj Qasima of Mabata town.

The Organization added a few days ago that members of Ahrar Al-Sharqiya faction accused two women, one of whom works as a hair stylist with her neighbor, of acts of “witchcraft and sorcery”. Members of the faction interrogated the woman who is working as a hair stylist inside her house and in the presence of her husband, who was waiting in another room. The members of the faction accused the woman of “promoting” her neighbors’ acts of sorcery, which the woman denied.

The Organization had said earlier that Suleiman Shah faction, known as Al-Amshat, has forced the residents of Kakhere village of Mabata township in Afrin countryside to leave their houses or they have to pay money by force, adding that Al-Amshat brought in several battalions affiliated to the faction, and took the houses as their headquarters, without revealing the reasons or motives behind this action.

The series of violations continues in Afrin region, which was controlled by Turkey and the armed factions, March 18, 2018, and organized chaos has spread in light of the poor security conditions and the large number of killings, kidnappings and arrests, not to mention the looting and resettling Arab settlers coming from Syrian provinces.