Fifteen years since the announcement of the martyrdom of Sheikh Mashouq al-Khaznawi

Fifteen years since the announcement of the martyrdom of Sheikh Mashouq al-Khaznawi

Jun 02 2020

ARK News: The first day of June 2020 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyr, Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Mashouq al-Khaznawi, by the intelligence services of the Syrian regime.

A brief summary of the martyr:

Muhammad Mashouq Ibn al-Sheikh Azzaddin al-Khaznawi, known as Sheikh al-Shuhadaa Mashouq al-Khaznawi, was born in the village of Tal Ma’arof in the city of Qamishlo on 25. 1. 1958, he is a descendant of a Kurdish family known as Khaznawiya in relation to the grandfather, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khaznawi, who used to practice his call from his village, Khazna, to which he was later attributed, and this family is considered one of the most important religious references if not the most important in the region.

Sheikh Mashouq studied science at the hands of his first teacher, his father Sheikh Azzaddin, in addition to the famous educator Mulla Abdullah Qartimini, his daily teacher, in addition to his regular studies at the Sharia Institute at the Institute of Sharia Sciences in Bab al-Jabiya in Damascus. Then in Madina, to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Islamic sciences and a doctorate from Pakistan. Participated in many international conferences, in Riyadh, or in Vienna, and others, and chaired many seminars in Europe and the world.

The martyr Mashouq Al-Khaznawi was kidnapped in the capital, Damascus on October 10, 2005, by the Syrian intelligence services, so that his martyrdom was announced on June 1, 2005 and his body was handed over to his relatives by the Syrian regime authorities.

About half a million Kurds in Qamishlo participated in his funeral of Sheikh Muhammad Mashouq Al-Khaznawi and went to his final resting place in Qaddour Beg tomb.