Afrin ... appointing the head of the Public Prosecution instead of the Turkish governor

Afrin ... appointing the head of the Public Prosecution instead of the Turkish governor

Feb 05 2020

ARK News .. A Human Rights Organization working to document violations in the Kurdish region of Afrin reported on its main page of Facebook today, 05.01.2020, that Turkish forces and militias of armed groups affiliated to them continue by cracking down on Kurdish citizens in the Kurdish region of Afrin and the implementation of the political and military agendas in terms of the ethnic cleansing of Kurds and forcing residents to leave in order to make a demographic change.

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said that with the except that those militias carrying out the operation of theft, looting, armed robbery, indiscriminate kidnapping, seizure of property of residents, logging olive trees, imposing royalties, they deliberately under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence through creating an atmosphere of intimidation, terror, and insecurity and instability (creating chaos).

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said that the Turkish authorities took a decision during the past week ending the tasks of the Turkish governor in Afrin on 15/02/2020 and appointing the head of the Public Prosecution Judge Muhammad Zaidan in his stead to carry out the tasks of the governor and making subsequent changes according to the recommendations presented to him in various fields (security services - Judicial institutions - local councils and technical services - religious institutions - educational centers - medical centers), and trying to pressure institutions and departments for the indigenous people of the region from the Kurds and impose impossible conditions on them in order to close them or limit their activities.

The organization added that in this regard, most schools in the city of Afrin and its suburbs were closed on the pretext of reforms, as well as threatening a number of hospital owners owned by Kurdish doctors to improve services and make the necessary repairs or close them with red wax until 15/02/2020, including (Qanbar Hospital - Cihan Hospital - Dersim Hospital - Al-Salam Hospital under the management of the Bihar Relief Organization) excluding the hospitals run by the settlers (Al-Shifa Hospital “Previously Avrin” - Al-Manar Hospital “ Al-Asdiqaa School” Al-Mahabbe school ("Trinidad road"), and thus restricting the field of medical services to the sons of the settlers.

The organization made clear that the Turkish Religious Endowment Directorate is trying to rent closed commercial shops of religious affairs and their centers to Arab settlers belonging to the Kurdish citizens who are in the city of Afrin or in the areas affiliated to it (Rajo – Mabata - Bulbul - Jenderes) and deprive their owners of doing their commercial activities by various means whether it is by the theft, armed robbery, financial extortion, taxation and royalty on them.

The organization also added that generalization the principle of “every Kurd is accused of separatism and belonging to terrorist organizations” and on the basis of which the Turkish authorities and armed militias loyal to it are working to kidnap Kurdish citizens from the principle of armed gangs and bandits in order to collect the ransom or transfer them to the judiciary on the pretext of settling their administrative status and ruling them to pay Financial fines whose value ranges between 600 - 1000 Turkish Liras - or from an amount of 100 - 250 thousand Syrian pounds, whether he is accused or innocent once he enters the courtroom, as was the case with 7 elderly Kurdish citizens from Qasha village of Bulbul township on 03/02/2020.

As a result of the Turkish military operation accompanied by armed factions, which began on January 21, 2018 in the region, hundreds of thousands of indigenous Kurds were displaced outside Afrin region, where the PYD officials installed the camp for them in the countryside of Aleppo, according to unofficial sources: Two thirds of the people of the area are now outside the region, where the number of the people of Afrin was estimated to be about one million people. Since then, the armed militias and Arab families from different regions have been resettled in place of the Kurds displaced.