The death of the oldest perennial Kurdish woman refugee in Greece

The death of the oldest perennial Kurdish woman refugee in Greece

Mar 03 2019

ARK News: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR describing the largest Syrian refugee at the age of more than 110 years in Greece, during the recourse to Germany trip.

The High Commissioner said through its official account on the social networking site "Twitter": " We regret hearing the news of the death of Laila. The largest refugee in Greece died at the age of 112 years. " The Commission concluded its mourns by saying: "She was eager to see the grandchildren in Germany... Unfortunately, she died without being able to see them."

The humanitarian organization has re-examined a glimpse of the life of the Syrian elderly saying that "Laila is a 111-year-old Kurdish refugee from Kobani city in Kurdistan, Syria, who arrived in Greece at the end of 2017, and she granted asylum, but Laila's wish is to reunite with her grandchildren in Germany."

Activists on social networks reported the death of an elderly woman in Greece (Without specifying exact location) stressing that the perennial Kurdish is Mrs. (Laila Saleh) and she is 112 years old and she is from Kobani city, Kurdistan, Syria. She moved to Turkey and from there to Greece accompanied by members of her family to face the death fate there.