The ninth anniversary of the Kobani massacre, “The Night of Treachery”

The ninth anniversary of the Kobani massacre, “The Night of Treachery”

Jun 25 2024

ARK News... on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, coincides with the annual horrific crime in the history of the Kurds of Syria, which is eight years since the Kobani massacre (Night of Treachery), the massacre of hundreds of Kurdish civilians, including children, women and old people, at the hands of ISIS terrorists, and the mystery remains. It covers the massacre and how ISIS terrorists entered and carried out the crime against the innocent.

Execution of the massacre:
In the early morning hours of June 25, 2015, ISIS terrorists began to infiltrate, as their number was about 100 terrorists, who came from the town of Sarin, south of Kobani, and managed to enter despite the presence of multiple security barriers belonging to the PYD administration.

The operation began first, with the massacre of the village of Barkh Batan, south of Kobani, when the terrorists attacked it, treacherously committed 23 civilians, and subsequently killed them, including children, women and elderly people who were sleeping.

After the massacre of the village of Barkh Batan, the terrorists headed to Kobani, the city, and were able to cross the PYD Asayish checkpoints and enter the depths of the city, and committed a massacre there as well.

The attacks came at a time when the displaced from Kobani were returning to their stricken city.

Number of martyrs:

There were conflicting reports about the number of victims, and it was estimated at the time that at least 600 civilians were killed and wounded, in the center of Kobani city and its villages.

Demanding an investigation into the massacre and holding the perpetrators accountable:

Despite the passage of seven years since ISIS terrorists committed the massacre, the PYD administration has not opened any investigation into how ISIS terrorists managed to enter the area, as the people of the Kobani region demand the opening of a fair and transparent investigation, to bring the perpetrators and accomplices to international courts to obtain their punishment, in accordance with international laws compensation for the families of the martyrs and the wounded.