Swayda: Campaign to Boycott

Swayda: Campaign to Boycott "People Council" Elections

Jun 19 2024

ARK News… A widespread campaign featuring boycott posters against the upcoming "People's Council" elections under the Syrian regime has emerged in the Swayda Governorate, thus, activists strongly emphasize rejecting any "theatrical elections."

The campaign originated in the towns of Maf’ala and Qanawat, reaching out to Salkhad and Al-Qarriya to the south, and encompassing in Assora Assaghira to the north, as well as Rima Hazim and Ta'ara in the western countryside, according to the Swayda 24 network.

Activists are placing paper posters on public facility walls bearing a single slogan: "No to elections."

One of participating activist stated that political participation is necessary and important when elections are genuine and effective, but "since Syria's elections are still staged and do not reflect the people's will," they should be boycotted.

Another activist affirms, "As long as the election results are predetermined and on the favour of the Ba'ath Party, it is incumbent upon every person eager to end the country's deep crisis to reject participation in this 'theatrical' election, to avoid being a false witness and exacerbating the country's crisis."

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued a decree last May setting Monday, July 15 as the date for the "People's Council" elections for the fourth legislative term, allocating 127 seats for the workers and peasants sector and 123 seats for other segments of the population.