British Foreign Secretary: Force on the battlefield is the fastest path to peace in Ukraine

British Foreign Secretary: Force on the battlefield is the fastest path to peace in Ukraine

Feb 06 2023

ARK News… British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said in an article published on Sunday that helping to arm Ukraine so it can defend itself against Russia is the quickest path to peace.

According to the Reuters news agency, Cleverly’s remarks came in an article published in a Maltese newspaper before a planned visit on Tuesday to Malta, which assumed the presidency of the UN Security Council at the beginning of February.

"Like all autocrats, (Russian President Vladimir) Putin responds only to force with his opponents," Cleverly wrote in the Times of Malta.

He added that the agreement between Germany and the United States to send tanks to Ukraine pleased him. "Giving the Ukrainians the tools they need to finish the job is the quickest, in fact, the only path to peace," he continued.

The war in Ukraine is expected to dominate talks between Britain and EU member Malta.

Malta has sought to help Ukraine by implementing EU sanctions and providing humanitarian aid, including medicine and electricity generators. A small number of Ukrainian soldiers are also receiving treatment in Maltese hospitals.

Among other topics that are likely to be raised during Cleverly's visit are Britain's relations with the European Union, relations with North African countries, especially Libya, and the immigration file.

On the ground, Russia continued to make slight progress in its attempt to encircle the besieged Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, according to an intelligence update issued by the British Ministry of Defense today (Sunday).

According to the daily intelligence update, the two main roads leading to the town, located in the Donetsk region in the east of the country, are now under direct threat of bombing from the Russian side, in addition to another road controlled by the "Wagner" group, a Russian mercenary organization.

"While many alternative supply routes across the country remain available to Ukrainian forces, Bakhmut is becoming increasingly isolated," the MoD wrote.