Wagner is advancing in Bakhmut, and the Ukrainian army is withdrawing from Soledar

Wagner is advancing in Bakhmut, and the Ukrainian army is withdrawing from Soledar

Jan 26 2023

ARK News… A military spokesman announced that the Ukrainian army withdrew from the city of Soledar in the Bakhmut region, at a time when the region is witnessing street warfare between the Russian Wagner forces and the Ukrainian army.

The pro-Moscow authorities in Donetsk said that the battles are now taking place in neighborhoods within the city of Bakhmut, which were under Ukrainian control, according to an Al-Arabiya/Al-Ahdath correspondent.

Wagner is advancing
The Acting President of the Donetsk Republic, recognized by Russia, Denis Pushilin, added in statements to reporters, "Wagner units are advancing in Bakhmut, where fighting is taking place both in the suburbs and in the neighborhoods recently controlled by the enemy."

On the other hand, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said that the withdrawal from Soledar came to preserve the lives of the military, and came after months of difficult fighting.

Pushilin had said a few days ago, specifically on the twenty-first of January, that Wagner's fighters were about to impose a siege on the city of Bakhmut, indicating that the situation of the Russian forces in Soledar had improved further.

Pushilin said: "We can say that the situation regarding Artemovsk (Bakhmut) if it is not on the verge of completion, is close to imposing an operational blockade, which the Wagner units there are seeking."

control of the industrial zone
One of the leaders of the Wagner Group reported on the 19th of this month that the allied forces are moving successfully, and the battles are already taking place inside the city of Bakhmut itself.

According to the same source, the Russian army was able to control the industrial area inside the city, indicating that the Russian forces are carrying out cleansing operations in the residential areas.

It is noteworthy that Bakhmut is located north of the city of Horlivka, in the part controlled by the Ukrainian forces, and it is an important transportation and supply center for the Ukrainian forces group in the Donbas region.