The Kurdistan Democratic Party nominates

The Kurdistan Democratic Party nominates "Rebar Ahmed Barzani" for the presidency of the Republic of Iraq

Feb 16 2022

ARK News… The Kurdistan Democratic Party has announced Rebar Ahmed Barzani, as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Iraq.

KDP spokesman Mahmoud Muhammad said in a statement: "After the political developments and obstacles that prevented the election of the President of the Republic of Iraq, and in order to continue the constitutional steps in the political process in Iraq, the Kurdistan Democratic Party officially announces the nomination of Rebar Ahmed Khalid, Minister of Interior in Kurdistan Regional Government for the position of president of the Republic.

Biography of Rebar Ahmed:

-Born in 1968, he is the Minister of Interior in the Kurdistan Regional Government.

- He is the only survivor of his family in the genocide campaigns of the Barzanis in 1983.

Academic achievement:

- Master of Strategic Studies for National Security / 2006 - 2007 National Defense College - Baghdad.

- Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering / 1988 - 1997 College of Engineering - Salahuddin University - Erbil

Job experiences:

- Minister of Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government / 2019 - continuing.

- Head of the Supreme Ministerial Committee to Combat the Corona Pandemic in the Kurdistan Region.

- Head of the regional body for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution No. 1325 on the empowerment of women.

- General Director of the Joint Coordination Department in the Kurdistan Regional Security Council at the rank of major general / 2012 - 2019

- General Director of the Analysis Directorate - Kurdistan Regional Security Protection Agency / 2012 - 2005.

- Director of the Directorate of Combating Organized Crime - Kurdistan Regional Protection Agency / 2005 - 2002.

- A founding member of the Shanadar Foundation for Reconstruction / 2002 - 1998.

Political Experience:

- Assigned by President Barzani to coordinate and joint work with parties and political figures in Baghdad / 2014 - ongoing.

- A key member of the committees to nominate candidates for government positions / 2017 - ongoing.

- Member of the Supreme Preparatory Committee and Vice-President of the Conference for the 13th Congress of the Kurdistan Democratic Party / 2011-2010.

- Member of the Special Organizational Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party / 2010-1998.

- Member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party conferences / 2010, 1997, and 1993.

- Member of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Students' Union / 1998-1993.


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