The General Secretariat thanks His Excellency President Masoud Barzani for his support to the ongoing negotiations on the unity of the Kurdish position and row

The General Secretariat thanks His Excellency President Masoud Barzani for his support to the ongoing negotiations on the unity of the Kurdish position and row

Jun 21 2020

A communiqué issued by the meeting of the General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council

ARK News.. The General Secretariat held its regular meeting in Qamishlo on June 18, 2020. After a minute's silence in mourning for the lives of the Kurdish martyrs and the Syrian revolution, the issues mentioned in the work schedule were discussed:

The meeting dealt with the political situation in the country and the suspension of the meetings of the Constitutional Committee several months ago due to the regime's intransigence and lack of preparedness for any political solution that ends the stifling crisis with its severe negative effects on all aspects of the lives of citizens, especially the deterioration of the purchasing value of the Syrian pound, which led to high prices and increased costs of unbearable living expenses and the resulting effects from the implementation of Caesar's law on the Syrian people without the international community taking yet to take concrete measures to alleviate the suffering of citizens, and the meeting demanded the international bodies and humanitarian organizations to play their role and provide relief services in a short period and press on the regime to accept a political solution to the status quo in accordance with the concerned international legitimacy resolutions with the matter Syrian, the meeting also demanded the opposition to put a solution to its differences and devote itself to its tasks in defending the goals of the Syrian revolution and to show the suffering of the Syrians to the international community, the importance of the Kurdish National Council continuing its stance towards the unity of the Syrian negotiating body and the consistency of its components to restore the woof to its board rows in this context.

The meeting also reviewed the results of the ongoing negotiations with the Kurdish National Unity Parties and the joint statement issued by the two parties under American auspices on June 16, 2020 and evaluated positively, reaching a binding common political vision and understanding on adopting the Duhok agreement as a ground for the second phase negotiations and achieving a real and equal partnership in the areas of governance and military and economic matters,

The meeting depended on the negative positions of some opposition personalities and forces regarding the ongoing negotiations between the Council and the Unity parties and stressed that such positions do not serve the future of Syria, and that these positions will not deter us from continuing the negotiations to reach a comprehensive agreement that depends on the common political vision that includes the adoption of a political solution to the Syrian crisis According to international resolutions, especially Resolution 2254, as well as establishing good relations with all frameworks of the Syrian opposition, which believes in democracy and the rights of all Syrian components, and also calls for the establishment of good relations with neighboring countries on the basis of mutual respect and good neighborliness, and adopting the Duhok agreement as a basis for negotiations and it includes the participation of all other components in the administration after resolving the existing disputes with the Democratic Union Party. The meeting demanded all Syrians to extend bridges of trust and cooperation and spread a culture of dialogue and coexistence instead of a culture of hatred and hostility and work together to build a federal, democratic Syria for all Syrians.

The meeting also depended on the horrific violations suffered by the people of the regions of Afrin, Sari Kaniye (Ras Al-Ain) and Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) and the attempts of demographic change that took place there and condemned all of that and demanded the international community to exercise its role to stop it and enable the displaced and refugees to return to their homes safely and to compensate the affected people and return confiscated property and handing over areas to its people.

The meeting decided to take the necessary measures to activate the role of the council in public through the available capabilities and give civil peace the highest importance and work to deepen social relations with the various religious and national components.

The meeting expressed its high appreciation of the position of the United States of America for its interest in the unity of the Kurdish position and its issuance of a statement in the Kurdish language expressing this as a historical precedent that we look forward to supporting in the field of achieving the partnership of the Kurdish people in the future of Syria through the political process that taking place in Geneva.

The General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council also thanked His Excellency President Masoud Barzani, for his support to the ongoing negotiations on the unity of position and the Kurdish rank.

The General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria
June 18, 2020.