21 bodies were found slaughtered in an Assad-controlled area

21 bodies were found slaughtered in an Assad-controlled area

Jan 07 2020

ARK News: In the Maadan suburb of the southeastern countryside of Raqqa, bodies were found that killed by knives for a number of sheep herders in the area, and the perpetrator is still unknown.

Local sources said that early yesterday morning, the bodies of 14 sheep herders were found killed by knives, and their bodies were found in Maadan, which is under the control of Assad's forces.

The sources indicated: After a few hours of searching, 7 other bodies were found slaughtered, bringing the death toll to 21, killed in a brutal and sadistic manner.

It is worth mentioning that the official media or security agencies affiliated with the regime did not come up with any talk about the incident, which raises many question marks as to what is behind it, as activists indicated that Iranian Shiite militias are present in the region believed to be behind this criminal operation.

And Iranian militias and gangs affiliated with the Assad forces are deployed in the countryside of Raqqa who are working to steal and take away civilians and citizens, as a group of Assad elements in the eighth month of last year stormed a house for a civilian in the village of Dibsi Afnan and killed all the people of the house and stole all its contents of gold, sheep, car and even food.

Source: Sham Network