The regular meeting of the Corniche and Central

The regular meeting of the Corniche and Central" of the ENKS

Jul 09 2019

ARK News: In the presence of a majority of local members of the Corniche and the Central Local of the Kurdish National Council held their regular meeting on Sunday, 7/7/2019 in the Corniche neighborhood of Qamishlo in Syrian Kurdistan.

After standing a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs of Kurds and Kurdistan, the members were welcomed in tribute to their efforts in attending meetings, events, and seminars, and then address to the organizational situation in the Local and the need for teamwork in order to develop Local performance.

Some of the proposals were discussed with local members, which will be implemented in the coming weeks and also to listen to other proposals in the interest of the Kurds

The local head Qadri Jan Mulla reported the R-ENKS site saying: "Our local council met with its ordinary members in the presence of all the members of the council and after taking responsibility for the organizational situation and urging the comrades in a spirit of responsibility of attending the meetings and activities of the Council, and we discussed the latest political developments in the Syrian arena and the Kurdish arena in particular.

Mulla pointed out that a schedule of work has been put and putting plans of work and the future activities of the council, such as holding seminars, lectures and the work among the public, and explaining the position of the Council regarding the recent initiatives of the Kurdish street.