The regime and the PYD disclaim any responsibility for compensation for those affected in Kurdistan of Syria

Jun 18 2019

ARK News: Both the regime and the de facto authority the PYD have declared that they are not responsible for compensating affected farmers as a result of the series of fires that have swept villages in Kurdistan of Syria since
more than a week now.

Media sources quoted from the joint head of the de facto economy authority, Salman Baroudo, as saying that their potential is modest and cannot compensate farmers whose crops have been exposed to fires and that they are neither a state nor a government to compensate farmers.

While the regime also announced and on the lips of the Minister of cultivation that they will not compensate the affected farmers.

The minister's statement came in the framework of his visit to the city of Qamishlo, last Thursday accompanied by Minister of Commerce Atef Naddaf and the governor of Hasaka Jayez Al-Mosa, where the Minister of Agriculture of the Syrian regime Ahmad al-Qadri said that (the province of Hasaka is the capital of agriculture in Syria, and that the fires that affected the crops of farmers in the areas of Hasaka are not included in the Fund to mitigate the effects of drought and natural disasters, and that the fire falls within the framework of damage "By act or negligence" and this is not included in the compensation), and that fires fall within the scope of the damage "by act or negligence" and this is not included in the compensation).

It is worth mentioning that both the regime and the administration of the PYD accused each other of igniting the fires that have affected and devoured the crops of farmers throughout the province of Hasaka, which has caused the burning of more than 80 thousand dunums of land so far.

ENKS Media